New photos from Monaco ~ Grand Prix charity Futbol (soccer)

From Sarah Harrington (David’s assistant):
David’s Update
Hi everyone,
I just got off the phone with David and he wanted me to share an update and some pictures with you all.

They just came back from the charity soccer (futbal) game @ the Grand Prix for Prince Albert II of Monaco’s charity. All the players were the race car drivers for the Grand Prix.
Gilda wore the Resurrection hat all day and the favor that they have seen has been amazing. So many people have been coming up to them because of the hat!!

They have sponsored the Grand Prix so they are getting invited to all the events.

The people running the event/charity are trying to make arrangements for David and Gilda to meet Prince Charles and Prince Albert II.

They have been blessed by all of your support and prayers and ask that you please continue to pray for them in their travels and to listen to the Holy Spirit as they move about this amazing journey. They do not know when they will be coming home as of right now. David had said Monday or Tuesday next week but now he is unsure and feels they shouldn’t leave until the Lord tells them to. So please pray for clarity for them as well and for Devine favor on them!!

David at the game

Gilda at the game

Gilda with the TROJC hat!

Gila near some BIG BOATS.

Gilda and Valentina making friends.
Nice hat, Gilda!

We are certainly looking forward to some more wonderful news and photos from our intrepid trio!

David, Gilda and Valentina Castillani at Canne

Our executive producer, David Wood and his fiancé Gilda Valleser, along with the CEO of Quinn Studios Entertainment Valentina Castillani-Quinn have gone to the May, 2019 Cannes film festival to participate in the ceremonies and receive awards.

Valentina receiving the Donald Ranvaud Production Award

David Receiving Award at Cannes Film Festival – May 2019

Hi guys , just a quick update from Canne , we’re having a great time . Valentina and our press event is today at 1 pm with her . She also is getting a surprise award today , and will be with the mayor today and so much media here , just the favour of God.
I am walking around with The Resurrection hat on and so many people coming up to us and saying how refreshing it is to see such boldness , it’s amazing the favour we’re getting.
I am so surprised how many christians are actually here…

We are all very proud of our David, and looking forward to more updates on their travels to Cannes Film Festival, and Monaco for the Grand Prix race.
Good show David!

Day Begins –

Gilda & Her Amazing Dress at Cannes

Gilda Vallesar walking the red carpet at Cannes

The day after the party!

Gilda with William Dafoe

“I have been asked to come to Monaco , Monte Carlo for the famous Grand Prix and attend the opening gala charity event this coming Friday by the producer of the event that I met last night at the Golden globe event through the writer from New York. Gilda , I and Valentina will be going. It’s only a hour from Cannes and both these events have been running together (one weekend before the other) and many many people attend and plan both when then come here. This is of course the most prestigious car race in the world, that has Kings and Saudi princes and actors and billionaires attending. The best part, she is a woman of faith and loves what we’re doing in the family / faith world and has been so kind and generous to us”, David said.