David Wood

David Arthur Wood is a man of faith, first and foremost, a global businessman, a philanthropist, and sits on numerous boards and initiatives. He has been in the media, technology, real estate and fundraising world for most of his 33 years in business. As an Executive Producer, David Wood is currently working on numerous films, TV projects and web series. In addition, he is currently writing books and curriculum, and spends his personal time in research and reading. David is constantly learning new things. Thereby, obtaining more direction and wisdom from God.
David’s big media project is The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a $185 million dollar film and game, that he and many hope will demonstrate the love of God, and set a new benchmark in Christian film making like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which has been a global phenomenon and blessing. One of his other big projects is a $500 million dollar raise for a family faith studio based in Los Angeles, California, which is ground zero of global influence and a last-days mission field. By God’s grace, the studio will transform “Hollywood” into a “Holy Wood” that features positive content and unity.
David Wood heads up the Global Apostolic Council and has worked with every major charitable organization from The Red Cross, Salvation Army, and I.P.C., to doing global initiatives in countries like Africa, India, Korea, and Canada, just to name a few. Over the years, David has worked with every major media company on the planet, as well as the United Nations, IMF, G-8s and other major religious, political and N.G.O. groups.
David Wood is a big believer in serving others. If you want to see change in the world and peoples’ lives, then pray, roll up your sleeves and go do what Jesus did. Christians must possess love, faith, emotion and action. We can’t just pray or wish for things to change. God wants us to be His hands, feet and heart on earth.